Office Hours

I have arranged with a professional colleague to have office hours available on Tuesdays in downtown Geneva, IL 60134 USA  (18 South Fifth Street, Suite 201).  For most Tuesdays I have the mornings available from 8:30 AM until 10:45 AM.  From time to time I can accommodate afternoon appointments as well.

These appointments are for Integrative Learning and Change Navigation Coaching Sessions which include the development of an Integrative Learning and Change (ILC) Journey Map and support tools–including hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), as appropriate.

First sessions for new clients are two hours long and include the creation of the ILC Journey Map.  Follow-up (ILC Navigation Coaching) sessions are generally one hour long.

For clients choosing hypnosis as a support tool, I will create and edit two recordings–one for use when going to sleep and another for use during the day.  I highly recommend playing both recordings every day for 30 days to anchor any integrative learning and change you are committed to creating.  These recordings can be in several formats and can be MP3 or set-up to play on an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or an android tablet or smart phone as well as on a CD. At present, I prefer to record and edit these recordings outside of the office where I can control the sound and environment and have the time to create a script I want to follow for the recording.

Most clients will receive their recording shortly after their first session with me.

My hourly rate for individuals is US$125 (so the initial 2-hour session will be US$250).  Pricing plans are available as well as a variety of payment options.

Follow-up sessions, recordings, and NLP anchors will all be created based on the content of the Integrative Learning and Change Journey Map created in the initial session for that focus area.

All of my work is focused on achieving learning and change for the highest good of all concerned. This is the orientation point for the Integrative Learning and Change Journey–as the North Star and the Southern Cross are for maritime navigators. From time to time this may mean that a particular desired change is not for the highest good of a client or of someone touched by the client.  We will explore this during the creation of the ILC Journey Map.

Call or text me on my mobile to schedule an appointment–1-630-338-1405 or send me an email at