JoelMonty-com Booth at Fox Valley Holistic Health Celebration 2013

We had a booth for the second year at the Fox Valley Holistic Health Celebration (HHC) 2013.  This year the booth was to showcase  Somehow the listing carried over from the year before (on the maps to the “booths”) as the  (Both of these are part of

joelmonty-com-booth-Holistic-Health-Celebration-2013 Booth at the Fox Valley Holistic Health Celebration 2013

Thanks to all our friends who visited the booth this year.  Linda even helped put up the light blue “sidewalls” you see in the background.  The wind was gusty enough that all my signage had to move to the ground.  (Our booth was number 52 this year–tied to electricity though we didn’t use it as much as we did last year.)

We were also promoting the Take Charge of Your Moods workshop being offered next Sunday, Oct. 6, from 2 to 4 PM in the Healing Room at Soup to Nuts Alternative Grocery (716 W. State St, Geneva, IL 60134).  This two-hour workshop is being offered at a special HHC price of $30 per person.  (The workshop normally has a $90 registration fee.)

While space is limited, you can still go to this page to register.


Feedback from Holistic Health Celebration (HHC)


This post is for the mother who spoke with me about her 19-year-old daughter who is deaf (hard of hearing) and faces some communication challenges.  I didn’t get your name and you said you’d be looking at my website.

Please follow this link to  It will take you to a book by Glen Doman that I have found to be invaluable information.  In 1995, my Mother had to have surgery for two subdural hematomas (blood clots on the brain).  As her brain was more and more compressed before the surgery, the charts at the center of Glen Doman’s book were very accurate (more than her doctors were) in identifying what parts of the brain were being affected.  After her surgery, it took her several weeks to recover–her brain had to swell back to normal size.  Again, the charts at the center of Glen Doman’s book were very accurate in showing me, based on Mom’s behavior, which part of her brain were coming back to normal.  After several weeks she was “high functioning” again.  Now, at age 98 (99 in fewer than 80 days), these same charts are useful in observing which parts of her brain may be “slowing down.”

I met Glen Doman.  He spent many years working with brain damaged children and, eventually, created the Institutes for the Advancement of the Human Potential in Philadelphia, PA.  He started using what he had learned from brain damaged children to help “normal” children become more advanced.

The charts at the middle of his book are based on his practical experience with hundreds of children.  That’s probably why I have found them to be so useful.

I hope this helps.  It was nice speaking with you today.

Best Regards,

Joel Montgomery
630-338-1405 Demonstrations Available at Holistic Health Celebration Sunday will be giving demonstrations at our exhibitor “tent” on Sunday, September 29, 2013, from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at the Fox Valley Holistic Health Celebration being held in the parking lot of Soup to Nuts Alternative Grocery in Geneva, IL (716 W. State St).  Admission is free for the demonstrations.

Check out our flyer to be used on Sunday.

Follow this link to the post about the Holistic Health Celebration.


Holistic Health Celebration 2013

Holistic Health Celebration 2013

Meet me at the 2013 edition of the Holistic Health Celebration which will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2013, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Admission is free.
Location:  The parking lot in front of Soup to Nuts Alternative Grocery in Geneva ( 716 W. State St, Suite B, Geneva, IL 60134 USA).

This is the second year will have a booth at the celebration.  We are offering the new Take Charge of Your Moods workshop at special pricing in honor of the Holistic Health Celebration.

Check-out the Take Charge of Your Moods page for more information and to register.