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Use this page to register for services from and Joel Montgomery

Complete the online registration below and download and complete the Intake form at the link below.  Mail or fax the form to (or email to  In addition, to pay in advance, please visit the relevant links included on this page to both the Square Marketplace and to the intake form for  Clients need to bring the completed Intake Form to their ILC Journey Mapping session.

Fees for services will vary depending on the number of individuals and the types of services requested.  Please note:  Because these services are not therapy, they are not normally covered by any insurance policies.

Payment for services is expected in advance and may be made by cash, check, or via Square Marketplace payment or PayPal Invoice.

The Integrative Learning and Change (ILC) Journey Mapping service is normally the first one clients complete.  In order to plan for the integrative learning and change and to accommodate it in a person’s life, the ILC Journey Map is an indispensable first-stem.

Follow-up to the ILC Journey Mapping service is normally by ILC Navigation Coaching.  This allows support and reinforcement for the client while he/she is making progress on his/her learning and change journey.

Please download the form below and, when completed, mail it, fax it, or eMail it to

JoelMonty-Com-Intake-Graphic-600pxJoelMonty-com-INTAKE FORM

Please use the form below to register for the service(s) you want from


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