Joel’s Coaching Background

Joel’s mission:  I make a difference in the world each day by helping people and organizations learn how to change easily and naturally to improve the quality of their lives.

Goal–I inspire people and organizations to work with me to help them learn to change easily and naturally to improve the quality of their lives, expanding beyond preexisting limits.

Evidence–Hundreds of individuals and organizations have worked with me over the last 40 years to help them learn and change. In addition to lots and lots of practical, hands-on experience, I have also earned academic and practitioner certification related to what I do and have been following a Spiritual commitment and mission my entire life.



One-on-one coaching
Group and team workshops
Organizational Change Consulting
Integrative Learning and Change Navigation Services Including:

Integrative Learning and Change “Journey Mapping”
Integrative Learning and Change Reinforcement and “Course Correction”
Hypnosis Support for Learning and Change
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Support for Learning and Change




People and organizations often need help to learn how to make desired changes happen in their lives.  They also need to consider the impact those changes will have on their lives and the lives of those close to them before the changes take place.


I work with clients to create their Integrative Learning and Change Journey Map first.  I help them become more aware of the learning and change involved and help them realize the steps they need to take to achieve their learning and change goals. Then we explore the sequence of steps needed for the learning and change to take place and we put reinforcements in place to make the change occur easily and naturally.


We implement the Integrative Learning and Change Journey Map, adapting it as needed as we go along.  The Journey Map helps us keep track of our progress and lets us know when we need to create and to apply different reinforcement tools. For individuals, the Journey Maps are geared to the individual learning and change goals that clients want to achieve.  For organizations, the Journey Maps may also include support training or coaching needed by parts of the organization in order for the desired change to take place. Clients experience the learning and change as it happens and match their experience to the plan shown in the Integrative Learning and Change Journey Map.

The process of creating a Journey Map lets us get a clear Before Picture of how things are going now and what the client wants to change.  As they follow (and adapt) the Journey Map, they begin to experience the After picture they were looking for even before the change is complete.

All the way through the process of following the Journey Map, we deal with now (“now it’s time to do this to achieve our goal”).  The Journey Map also allows us to have because answered as well (We need to do this because it helps us achieve our goals.)

What if?

What if I am not very clear on what I want to change?

The Integrative Learning and Change Journey Mapping process can help you clear up any confusion.

What if I change my mind during the process?

We can adapt the Journey Map to meet any changes and, if you need to, you can stop your process and, using the Journey Map, pick it up again when you’re ready.

What if the people I am close to do not want me to change?

We explore that possibility during the Journey Mapping process and decide what you may choose to do about that—including creating opportunities for those close to you to learn something, too, if that would help you achieve your goals.

How long does it take?

Clients usually spend the first two hours with me creating the Journey Map.  After that, depending on the goals identified in the Journey Map, clients usually meet for one-on-one coaching once a week for an hour, then work with reinforcement tools on their own during the week.  It is difficult to be clear on how long the process will take without knowing more about the change you want to achieve.  Clients can stop the process at any time and we’ll identify where we are on the Journey Map when they stop.