Accountability and ILC Journey Mapping

Someone approached me recently and asked me about Accountability Coaching.  For me, accountability is a natural part of the Integrative Learning and Change (ILC) Journey Mapping process with ILC Navigation and Coaching as a follow-up.

When you create your Journey Map, you start from where you are, define your destination, and identify the stepping stones you need to achieve before you reach your destination.

As with all plans, things can come up which can require modification and change.

For people who want support in making the change, the ILC Navigation and Coaching services are available

Strategy for Tri-Cities Change

In a recent post on the website, the Tri-Cities Project is being reactivated.  In 2012, the project involved interviews with 100 businesses in the downtowns of Saint Charles, Geneva, and Batavia.  The 2014 version involves having “Strategy-Munch-and-Learns” at the West Saint Charles Branch of Fifth Third Bank (corner of Randall Rd and Rt 38).

Some of my close friends are closing their store-front businesses and reinventing themselves.  That sounds like a good approach to deal with changes that are heavily influenced by factors outside of our control.

I am the small business consultant facilitating the Strategy-Munch-and-Learn events and hope to be working with friends old and new as we create new strategies to deal with the changes we are experiencing in the Tri-Cities area.  Visit the link above and sign-up for a session.

Joel Montgomery


In-Flight-Relaxation MP3

I just created this In-Flight-Relaxation MP3 for a friend of mine on her way to China.  In case she has a problem accessing it,   I wanted to share the short-link here:

eCommerce-cover-In-Flight-Relaxation-600pxFor anyone else with a flight in need of relaxation, feel free to use this relaxation MP3.

I offer MP3 recordings for my clients as part of the Integrative Learning Change Journey Support–each one is adapted based on the needs of the moment for that particular client.


New Post on EmpowermentCoachnet on Facebook

There is a new post on the Facebook page, EmpowermentCoachNet.  The post deals with empowerment and disempowerment and focuses especially on the disempowerment of senior citizens.

The post goes on to introduce the workshop hosted in August, 2013, “Take Charge of Your Moods”.  The workshop was received succssfully, though the time-frame for the workshop (2 hours) was not enough to build a solid skill base.

The workshop can be re-offered this summer (2014) in a longer format and, possibly, online to increase access and decrease expenses.

Check-out the post.

JoelMonty-com Services Video on YouTube

Check-out’s Services video on YouTube!  This video gives a brief insight at some of the coaching services Joel Montgomery makes available through  See the pages of this website for more detail.

Expand Memory and Recall–New Workshop




Joel is finishing the development of a new workshop to Expand Memory and Recall.  The initial workshop will be for 12 people who will receive preferred pricing for the workshop in return for their participation in the case study being run for the workshop.  Ideal candidates will be preparing for some kind of major exam (nursing “boards”, law “boards”, doctor “boards”, teacher certification, and college boards.  A second workshop is planned for students in K-12 schools.  The workshop will run for four hours (approximately) and the investment at preferred pricing is $125 per person.

If you are interested, send an email to




Focused Change Services

Focused change services are available for teams, groups, and organizations–including schools, churches, hospitals, and nursing homes as well as large and small businesses.

Learning and Change navigation and coaching services are provided. A change navigation map will be created and progress toward the focused change can be measured against the map. The map provides a step-by-step guide for achieving your goals.

Special Summer Promotion in 2014–Clients in the West Suburbs of Chicago can take advantage of preferred rates during the summer season.

Services are available over the Internet as well.