My Healthy Meditations

My Healthy Meditations

Four Meditations Currently Available–at Special Pricing–All meditations are “instant virtual vacations.”

Sleep and Stress Reduction Meditation-FTHG

Healing Meditation with Light and Healing Liquid Energy-FTHG



In-Flight Cruise Relaxation Meditation-FTHG

Travel relaxation meditation–fthg


What is a Meditation?

Someone recently asked me, “What is a meditation?” My Healthy Meditations are a form of guided meditation using a variety of techniques. People listen to my voice and there is some background, ambient noise. Some of these meditations are designed to promote sleep. One focuses on general healing. There are details in the video that goes with each meditation and in the preface to the meditation you are asked to download and listen to before playing the meditation.  (These meditations are all downloadable audio files you can put on your smart media device, play on your computer, or “burn” to a CD or DVD.) Website

If you watched the “Meet Joel–FREE eBook 2018” video you heard about “My Healthy Meditations.”  They have their own website,, which is affiliated with You can purchase these meditations from there or from this website using PayPal or a CreditCard accepted by PayPal. . (The prices are the same and the meditations are the same. This just gives you two places to shop.)

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