GMA-Prevent Suffering from BurnOut

GMA Video-Prevent Suffering from BurnOut–Watch the GMA video here, then visit our My Healthy Meditations page.  All of our meditations are “instant virtual vacations.”


02/16/2019–Good Morning America shared the results of a Sleep Study reported in Nature which showed that Quality Sleep Helps Prevent Heart Diseases.  Watch the GMA video here, then check-out our Sleep Meditation.

Need Help Getting the Word Out

This summer I keep finding people I need to share my healing, sleep, and/or travel meditations with.

If this is true for me, it is also clear to me that these four meditations are very timely and that more people can use them.

I need help getting the word out so people can find these meditations.  The four Healthy Meditations are now the welcome page and are available at

Please share this with your friends.