Accountability and ILC Journey Mapping

Someone approached me recently and asked me about Accountability Coaching.  For me, accountability is a natural part of the Integrative Learning and Change (ILC) Journey Mapping process with ILC Navigation and Coaching as a follow-up.

When you create your Journey Map, you start from where you are, define your destination, and identify the stepping stones you need to achieve before you reach your destination.

As with all plans, things can come up which can require modification and change.

For people who want support in making the change, the ILC Navigation and Coaching services are available

JoelMonty-com Services Video on YouTube

Check-out’s Services video on YouTube!  This video gives a brief insight at some of the coaching services Joel Montgomery makes available through  See the pages of this website for more detail.

Focused Change Services

Focused change services are available for teams, groups, and organizations–including schools, churches, hospitals, and nursing homes as well as large and small businesses.

Learning and Change navigation and coaching services are provided. A change navigation map will be created and progress toward the focused change can be measured against the map. The map provides a step-by-step guide for achieving your goals.

Special Summer Promotion in 2014–Clients in the West Suburbs of Chicago can take advantage of preferred rates during the summer season.

Services are available over the Internet as well.